S + W speak + write gGmbH Marburg

(a Carl Duisberg Centren gGmbH company)

Neue Kasseler Str.12 H
35039 Marburg

Phone +49 (0)6421/1745-0
Fax +49 (0)6421/1745-45

E-Mail: marburg@cdc.de
Web: www.speak-marburg.de

Managing Director:
Dr. Kai Schnieders
Registered office of the company: Marburg • Commercial Register HRB1619
Data Protection Policy

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8.00-14.00h

How to reach us: S + W speak + write Marburg

Mr. Sebastian Weis


Phone +49 (0)6421/1745-0

E-Mail sebastian.weis@cdc.de

Mr. Jakob-Dirk Kreijkes

Customer Relations Manager

Phone +49 (0)6421/1745-0

E-Mail jacob-dirk.kreijkes@cdc.de

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